Dr. Kara Burns, Medical Photographer & Adjunct Research Fellow, Griffith University, Australia

You can tell a Kaushik Ghosh image. It’s the way the light plays on his subjects, the framing of his viewpoint and the extraordinary depth of knowledge and compassion he has for his subjects. Kaushik’s does what all great photojournalists should do; he captures memorable images of the human condition, fostering the sense of commonality between all peoples. His images can be quiet and poetic, like in his ‘Faces of Life’ series or they can scream at the viewer ‘you need to care are about this, don’t just stand there, do something!’ This is the reaction I have when seeing the painful world of stressed and grieving parents in ‘Monsoon of Death’. Working in the health photography genre, and having unprecedented access to medical environments, his work is unique, refreshing and unusual. Ghosh’s intense intellect, his medical background and his keen eye inform an amazing body of work. Keep you eye on this man; Kaushik Ghosh is certainly one photographer who stands out from the crowd.