kaushik Ghosh
Graduate Imaging Scientist (GIS ARPS), The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain | Committee Member, the Medical Group, The Royal Photographic Society | Conceived, designed & implemented, B.Sc. in Medical and Scientific Photography, Department of Clinical Photography, PGI Chandigarh | Member, International Visual Sociology Association.
For about a decade, I am amalgamating my education (in medicine), training (in visual arts) and my ardour (in photography) to communicate health and medical care, visually. While on this journey, I have been searching for my true calling and identity. An existential question to myself - who am I - a clinician, an artist or a photographer? The conflict within arose from my work as a silent observer, capturing life, public health and beyond. While initially restricting myself to this visual pursuit, later on I have endeavoured to integrate the science and humanities behind medicine & photography, both intricately in synchronicity with humans. During this pursuance and endeavours, I have traveled places, met and interacted with different people, explored diverse cultures perceiving health and medical care in a holistic way and have endeavoured to document the holistic science of humans. My body of work is incomplete, imperfect in their representation. My photographs are half told narratives — subject to the interpretations, imagination, experiences, world-views of the viewers. They are meant for communication — to imbibe values & truths, to induce reactions. Here they are for posterity to judge for their import and worth. Do be free to lend your voice to my stories.