They Are Back on Their Feet

Lakkhi Didi is fifty plus. A frontline worker (FLW) who is diabetic and hypertensive. Amidst the pandemic, where comorbidities are threatening, she is back to the warzone by risking her own life to visit each and every household in our area to ensure that every child up to five years of age should get “Do BuNd Zindegi Ke” (two drops of life).We are yet not sure about the COVID vaccine. But we are absolutely sure that we have vaccines against fifteen vaccine preventable diseases (VPD). Amidst the pandemic panic, please don’t ignore those VPDs. Your ignorance may lead to another endemic, that may jeopardize the future of the nation’s future generations. We have defeated the wild polio virus. Your ignorance may bring it back. Please don’t commit the Seppuku.

The FLWs like Lakkhi Di, are again on their feet risking their own lives. They are visiting your area & your home. Ensure to protect the lives by allowing them to give your children two drops of life. And also ask them to guide you to immunize your children with other vaccines in the subcenter. Do remember, government is providing you the vaccines free of cost under Universal Immunization Programme (UIP), worth approximately Indian Rupees Thirty Thousand (if you immunize your children in the private facilities). Do not forget, seven times within five years of age. So, be wise, get your child fully immunize.

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