Dissecting a Dylan’s image

© Danish Siddiqui (Reuters)

Yes, and how many deaths will it take ’til he knows
That too many people have died?”

Bob Dylan

Wait for a while and observe this photograph of Danish Siddiqui (Reuters) closely. This photograph is captured this afternoon in Delhi. The image shook me for a while.

I am seeing only ONE human being in this entire bloody and aggressive image. I have marked him and his course of action in white. Observe the objects closely that I have marked in red, including the wooden stick in the hand of the person standing right side of the image with a helmet. The upper part of the stick is broken apart due to… well, you guess. The rest of the subjects in the image are raising many questions in my mind. And I hope in your mind too!

Aggression, desperation, and hate are growing on. I can’t imagine our son, a citizen of this country by birth will hit or bath in blood someday with any of these objects marked in red with such hate and aggression. Rather I want to see him like the MAN standing in the middle trying to protect a wounded soul. We need to CREATE more and more humans… otherwise, hate is knocking our doors too.

The ONUS is ON US!!!

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