The power of listening in public health

“Common people were apprehensive about vaccines. More than the disease. Which is obvious for something new that has direct implications for their life. The same happened in cases of hospitalisation during first and second waves. In my 17 years of experience, I faced this apprehension among parents too. To vaccinate their children. But me and my team overcome the refusals. For both children and adult vaccination. How? Just by listening to them. People must have questions. About vaccines. Especially in the age of social media. Fake news spreads faster than wind. So, we must answer their queries to combat the myths. We must devote time to listen to their worries and answer them. To convey we are here for you, anytime, if something goes wrong. No one wants to die. No one experienced this pandemic in their lifetime. Not even us. You know, injecting a vaccine is matter of a second. But we must win the heart of a person to build the confidence before we penetrate the syringe in the body. It’s his or her life, after all. For me, that’s vaccination. To win the heart. Gaining the confidence.”

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Patient’s Position, Hospital Bed & A Misnomer

Today’s hospital bed is a combined invention of GR Fowler (position), WD Gatch (bed) & Andrew Wuest and Son (mattress).

1861. Long Island, Jamaica. A thirteen-year-old boy joined as an apprentice in his father’s railroad repair shop. Five years back, he came to Jamaica with his family from New York city. His father was a master mechanic and established the railway repair shop. The boy was learning telegram and other jobs in his father’s shop.Few years later. A major accident occurred in the repair shop. Few workers became severely injured. The young boy came forward to aid the victims. The incident moved the boy and changed his life. And also the Art of Surgery.

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